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that is not nailed down. in hartford county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> bge planning cap i began placing them on the wires after thefts few years ago. but the story you will only see here on abc2 news. new developments in the case of a little girl viciously attacked by 2 american bulldogs. we have learned the owner of the dogs will not face criminal charges that she is not off the hook yet. abc2 news with the latest on what we know tonight. >> tina baker who owns the dogs that attacked 7-year-old amanda michel will face more than $1800 in fines for violating baltimore county code. those dogs were put down monday morning two days after mitchell was attacked. she was seriously hurt and will need several surgeries to recovery. baker has been told she can either pay those fines outright or appeal them in the next five days. that's got a lot of you wondering whether this is the right punishment. there have been a ton of comments on her facebook page. we want to show you those. mary tells us, personally, i think the owner should pay all of the girls medical bills. kathy tells us, if a dog attack is
's? >> now abc 2 news at 11:00, if you think you just heard it all from charlie sheen on 20/20, think again. >>> the reprocushions of concussions. tonight, we examine the issue with with the ravens and how they are helping us. >>> first, he studies women and knows when they arrive home and lock the doors. >> police so much about the man but after 13 years still can't find the man who rain at least a dozen people. we have sketches of the east coast rapist that's posted from time square to the vw parkway. >> reporter: that's right. police say they know one man is reponsible for a string of rapes up and down the east coast, spanning more than a decade. but despite having the suspect's dna, they're still unable to track him down. so now the hunt is on the catch the so-called east coast rapist--and a multi-state effort is underway to collect tips. cheryl conner talks to one of the case's lead detectives, and gives us an idea of who we're looking for. abc2 news has been working for you over the course of the last few months to talk about the dangers of concussions for athletes of any age. now the
in the earlier attacks. live from the montgomery county mobile newsroom, natasha barrett to come abc7 news. >>> we are on storm watch tonight. more heavy rain is on the way. that is because of problems all along the east coast. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking this from the weather center. >> it looks like a replay from the weather center we had a saturday night and sunday come a slow-moving cold front. we have a big flood watch the goes into effect tomorrow evening for most of the area, the exception is king george's can and along southern maryland. look how much of the country is either under a flood watch, a flood warning, or flash flood watch. this is a low pressure area that will cause that an outbreak of severe weather to the southwest of our area. the moisture is on the move. the rain will get a steady and have been -- heavy. a few scattered clouds and we will get into the high 20's and mid 30's. we could get two or 3 inches. a lot more coming up in a few minutes. >>> the northeast is already dealing with blogging. this next round of rain has done even arrived yet. >> the d
often feel the punishment never fits the crime. so tonight, abc2 news don harrison with a push to drive lawmakers to toughen the vehicular manslaughter law. >> he was calm, kind, loving, good, solid, good sense person. >> reporter: nothing compares to the joy of marrying the person you love. >> didn't even notice him. did nothing to avoid the collision and killed him. >> reporter: nothing could be more hurtful than losing that person to a careless driver. that's what happened to adifah sotsky, a reckless driver killed him as he rode his motorcycle in 2004. adding to the hurt the reckless driver only had to pay a $500 fine. that's why she and some lawmakers want maryland to strengthen the penalties for reckless driving. her concern that maryland's law don't protect innocent drivers on maryland roads. >> this guy is on the road. who else is he going to hurt? or injure? >> reporter: delegate simmons feels the current law makes it too tough to charge someone for reckless driving if they kill another person. he wants maryland's law toking in line with the -- to be in line with the laws of
there tonight. more details straight ahead. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >>> abc2 is working to keep you and your family safe. tonight, baltimore county police need your help outside valley's health club. abc2 news, brian needs your help. >> abc2 is working to keep your community safe. each week, we are highlighting crimes. police need your help tracking down a man wanted for an attempted murder outside a white marsh fitness center. police say 21-year-old josiah and another suspect robbed a man at gunpoint in the parking lot of the valley health club near the avenue in white marsh back in february. the victim was able to escape, but police say he fired several shots, striking parked cars nearby. he is known to frequent the white marsh area and morgan state information. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. callers can remain unanimous and could be eligible for up to a $2,000 reward. don't forget, you can see more of our reports by going to abc2 news. >> let's take a look at some of tonight's top story. police are trying to figure out how a gun
president's address. >> life and in the agency, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 -- live and in hd, this is abc 7 news. >> president obama will be delivering a speech. >> this will be his first major televised address. rebecca cooper joins us now on what the president hopes to accomplish. >>> the president hopes to explain to his supporters and critics by libya is important to u.s. national security. the president was that a multicultural school in the northwest today when riot that he was asked why he was spending money in libya when the school spending is lagging. libya was not what he wanted to focus on today. >> i will be addressing this issue tonight and i have already addressed that on several occasions including on your program. our involvement is going to be limited, both in time and scope. >> voters say they need a president to better explain the u.s. involvement. >> i want to hear from him why he feels is necessary to send troops over there. >> we are still boosting military spending but cutting all of these important programs, so i feel it is a problem. >> as the fights
their fingers crossed. roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. >>> taking care of special needs students takes a special person, someone who can adapt easily to a child with quickly changing moods. one frederick county mom says her 12-year-old son wasn't treated right after an incident at his school. i think by now you figure out cameron is autistic. if that wasn't difficult enough he could soon be facing criminal charges. jeff hager has more on this developing story tonight. >> reporter: when students filed into thurmond middle school on wednesday they were missing one classmate. 12-year-old cameron mears would miss his favorite class, gym. >> i play run and jumping, basketball. >> reporter: diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 cameron's hands are always moving he finds joe in simple things seeing his reflection in the window. he landed in the guidance office when he allegedly landed a blow on the vice principal. >> cameron is upset i'm sure he actually hit him. but he wasn't trained. you shouldn't be putting yourself in a situation where you're not trained. that's the thing with the school system
posting $10,000 bail. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> don't forget, abc2 is working for you to make sure you don't get scammed. log on to our website. click on the money tab and click on scam alerts for all the very latest information. >>> new tonight, the social security administration building in woodlawn was evacuated after a suspicious package was delivered. it was dropped off sometime this afternoon the the loading dock. baltimore county police hazardous device unit is on the scene tonight investigating. >>> and tonight, seven university of maryland sorority sisters are in big trouble, accused of assaulting and hazing a pledge. >> tis the season to pledge. once this hazing issue surfaced, the university suspended them back in november. now the seven charged are bridge, monica young, tanisha, candice jackson, neighbor, and also montarisa. the women are accused of pushing this pledge into a wall, hitting her arms and striking her with an oak paddle. >> i honestly believe she is completely innocent. i am not sure how her name got caught up in this in terms of alleging that she did anythin
, abc2 news. >> trace amounts of radioactive material turned up in massachusetts and pennsylvania. the doctor says people should refrain from taking doses of potassium iodide since it's not necessary and could potentially cause harmful side effects. >>> on the campus of umbc the asian studies program wanted to get the word out today for the events that start tomorrow. the japanese culture club will be offering origami rose key chains for donations. they canning put on cell phones, also keys. friday, help japan arcade day. for a donation, play a timed round of wii or x box 360 games. on april 6th, a moment of silence on the commons, will be at noon. they want to make it a mission for us to not forget about those suffering in japan. >>> crime on the decline in baltimore county. today county leaders touted the number -- numbers that show a five-year downward trend. since 2005 homicides cut in half. the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, coordinators and workplace violence team. >> we live and work, the community and government works together. business and communi
. >>> they are not pressing the charges at this time anymore. >> an abc2 investigation into a 12-year-old autistic boy who is facing charges is getting results. the steps the boy's mother is now taking to make sure her son is taken care of. >>> plus the clock is ticking and looks like an nfl player's lockout is unavoidable. abc2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> now, abc2 news at 11:00. >>> devastation in japan tonight as families hope and pray that their missing loved ones are found alive. there's a massive undertaking going on right now to get two nuclear power plants under control. an 8.9 magnitude effort quake caused massive damages. the massive quake and tsunami washed away homes as if they were small debris, as we get ready to go to sleep, japan is waking up to a new day full of fear and loss. tj is live in new york tonight with the latest. >> good evening. there are thousands of americans in japan tonight and while the u.s. state department has seen no reason to evacuate them, the humanitarian catastrophe in that country threatens to worsen over the coming days. the 8.9 magnitude monster earthqu
when "abc news" continues at 5:30. >>> thousands of jobs are headed this way. where you could pick up an application and get to work? >>> homework assignment is striking a passionate national debate. why immigration is a hot topic in an elementary school? >>> another air traffic controller is off the job. why the controllers say may have sent the plane into danger. >>> some big employers are on the way to harper county. jobs don't require any agent,  degree or listening on services. >> two big announcement, two big job generators. one company will hire about 600 people. the other more than 18 people in the next -- 1800 people in the next three years. this is the success harper is having to bring new jobs in a tough economy. >>> when you see it on the road, you may think the market is one of several businesses. look again. it's a run big store. 150 full-time jobs and 150 part- time jobs. >> i don't think people know how many jobs are generated. >> jim a developing box hill. more facilities will be built, along with room for expansion. even as more people buy a single grapes, local jo
, abc 7 news. >>> members of the d.c. committee voiced their frustration to the mayor exactly a year after one of the deadliest shooting rampages in the district. >> how they get these guns is beyond me! >> dozens held a vigil outside of the presbyterian church. ithe incident happened a year ago. d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier joined those calling for the violence to end. >> we cannot tolerate this. it they have to pay the consequences. >> their frustrations are being put toward to good use now. it is not anger against each other or the system, but anger they can focus into positive action. >> today marks one year since the shooting, which was the worst in six years. one man pled guilty, but several others are facing charges. >>> now the latest on the crisis in libya. a key member of muammar gaddafi's inner circle has arrived in the u.k. and is resigning from his post. in the u.s., congressional leaders pushed the obama administration for how long u.s. plans to stay in libya as we learn a key libyan diplomat lived in fairfax county for years. jay korff has that
that the change would be the minimum of two controllers on hand. jamie costello, abc2 news. >>> buffalo is the new test site from the new technology. that's because an employee helped a drug dealer. they're going to -- >> the machine would scan a passenger's id and cross check it with the ticket and criminal data bases and the customs and border data bases. >> reporter: and there's no word yet when the officials will died what airports -- will decide what airports receive the technology. >>> there's a school in baltimore that teaches air traffic controllers. today, kamenetz toured the school. they have the highest enrollment of any community college in the state and it's obvious when you see why. >> it's about being on the cutting edge of the area and they're making the latest use of the technology. what's most edge pressive -- what's most impressive is these are for real jobs. >> reporter: they also got a feel for a nursing lab and a fabrication lab. the last lab is where they learn how ideas can be identified into real life products. >>> weatherwise today, it's murky and ugly and temperatures di
again next winter. in annapolis, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> and equality of maryland released a statement on the result. while we're disappointed, we're confident we'll fin in the future. equality maryland is more committed than ever to the fight. >>> now to the continuing coverage of the quake in japan. tsunami warnings are listed in 50 countries. the number of missing is unknown. here's the latest. >> reporter: a massive wall of water swept away everything in its path following the largest earthquake in japan's history. the quake sent cars over bridges and sparked fires and hundreds of bodies were found in sendai city. amateur video shows people clinging to chairs and book shelves. , a number of strong aftershocks were felt two hundred miles away. >> there's a risk of mudslide. >> reporter: one resident says that tokyo is in a state of gridlock. >> all of the major train lines stopped and many stores closed and a lot of commuters and workers and people downtown are trapped there for the night. >> reporter: thish warnings were issued for dozens. some of the waves rolled in th
owners know who to lookout for and call police if they notice any suspicious behavior. abc2 news. >>> here's the place, it is called classy nails on rock spring road in forest hill. you know him as tony, the nail tech. police know him as tree. he is charged tonight with skimming about these credit card information racking up lots of money in debt. police say he is a vietnamese national on a work visa. he went on a shopping spree at his customer's expense after swiping their cards after stealing the magnetic information. so far, they identified three victims, but that's the tip of the iceberg. >> there could be as many as 100 victims in this case. many people who may not realize that their credit card was used fraudulently. >> tran bailed out within hours of his arrest on fraud, theft, and identity theft charges. tonight we have the story of a howard county woman who lost her identity and took the notes to prove it. vilma anderson is her name and she kept track of the scheme that took tens and thousands of dollars from her business. two years ago, thieves got nearly $100,000 fro
treated on the school bus, she has taken her anger to the internet. abc2 news, jeff hager tells us the petition is called, get the bully off the bus. >> in a ride to school aboard the bus, 7-year-old wes claims an older kid grabbed his jacket from behind, choking him to the point where he couldn't breathe. his mother says he drew this picture to illustrate what happened. >> he said he is holding his hand on his heart and he is unzipping his jacket and it says up at the top, all the pain, it hurts so bad. and i mean, this breaks my heart. and the other person, the person that hurt him is laughing. >> wes is in the second grade, the other kid is in the fourth grade. it's the same kid that bit him on the bus a couple months ago. coleen didn't learn until wes came home from school that evening with a note from the school nurse describing the choking and evidence of red marks about his neck. >> they decided to put him on the bus and send him back home with this other child on the bus and their solution was to put him just a few rows up in the front. across the aisle from my six- yea
they will remain closed indefinitely for the safety of the employees who still work here. brad bell, abc7 news. >>> currents in the montgomery county are outraged after a bus driver was arrested on child pornography charges. after a yearlong investigation charles acker was arrested in february. we are outside the middle school with the story. julie? >> this is one of four schools for which charles acker drove a bus. we spoke to one mother who said the the child rode his boss. he told funny stories and gave them can. police arrested charles acker for having trouble pornography. after nearly one yearlong investigation, they found him living with his mother in germantown. they did not alert the parents whose children rode on his boss. >> -- on his bus. >> that's ridiculous. >> he drove for lakeland is park middle school, brownstation, poolesvile and quince orchard. it is cool spokesperson said it now montgomery to reduce school student appeared in the nearly 100 images. >> it is irresponsible on behalf of the school system not to notify parents. >> they would notify parents if there was concern t
and barry bonds goes on trial for something he said more than seven years ago. abc7 news is next. >>> good evening, everyone. seven years after barry bonds told a grand jury he never knowingly took steroids, the home homerun king goes on trial for saying it. tomas roman joins us to el it us what happens next. >> jury selection begins tomorrow morning. in san francisco federal court in the perjury and steroid use trial. the biggest challenge will be to seat jurors who know little or nothing about the steroid scandal or who don't think bonds is a hero to baseball. jury selection in federal court goes a lot faster than most of us are used to. >> abc7's legal analyst says the barry bonds' trial will likely be efficient and quick. that's because a federal scwuj wields a lot of control. >> the judge controls most of the questioning of the jurors. >> he built his questionnaire last week. the questions range from "what websites do you visit? " to "have you ever visited a giants' game." it limits questions the court may ask. >> it may well be that this jury is picked very, very quickly, p
. in ellicott city, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> howard county says the meras will not be used in construction zones. public hearings on the bill will start next month if passed they could be implemented coming up this fall. >>> jewel -- you'll soon see more cameras in baltimore county as well. last month the county announced a proposal to announce an unlimited number of speed cameras to be set up. >>> our hot topic. do you think speed cameras are about getting people oslow down or finding new ways to raise money for the local governments? or both? you can leave your comments now on facebook at >>> yesterday, we took a walk in the park discussing outdoor dineing with the doggy. dining with your pooch, you chow down on pork. number four behind taxes and jobs, gas and jobs again. let's bring in roosevelt leftwich. why are they bringing this up now? >> reporter: the reason it's on the table now is because you're not sitting at a restaurant table these days. one of the first expenses many people cut back on in a bad economy, eating out. restaurant and bar owners want mor
be suspended without pay. christian schaffer abc2 fuse. >>> he abc2 news. >>> he lived there with three others he did not make it out alive. this was a two story frame home. neighbors tell our fred slade they have no idea how this fire killed such a nice man. >> reporter: just before 11:00 p.m. last night, several 911 calls went out reporting a house fire in the 4300 block of springdale avenue. >> you can see the fire from across the same spot we see smoke. we can smell the smoke getting closer. >> you could see smoke coming from the windows and ceilings and like you could smell it like a block away. >> reporter: firefighters arrived to find a two story wood frame building on fire and reports of people trapped inside. >> firefighters performed a rapid attack on the fire. simultaneously other firefighters performed search and rescue operations when they found the body of an unconscious nonresponsive person up on the second floor front room. >> unfortunately he suffered smoke inhalation and burns to 3 to how% 30 to 40% of his body surface area. >> reporter: the home had a working
. i'm bob ryan, abc 7 news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> the wild things' toxic prescription. >> i am on drug, it's called charlie sheen. >> new tonight the loss he just suffered but why he's claiming a new victory in his battle for millions. an alert for every college student and parent. tonight the local breakthrough targeting binge drinking and the influence it could have. casting an oscar ballot. >> some of them you really almost have to -- when you vote, it's hard. >> a local man gets a vote. only on 7. he confesses, what makes a winner? >>> live and in h.d., this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. loss like drug, booze and prostitutes aren't stopping charlie sheen. we begin with his blistering comments for his bosses and anyone else standing in his way. horace holmes is live with more from an abc news exclusive interview with the controversial actor. >> sheen in his interview today unleashed his anger at his bosses at cbs, was unapologetic while admitting to being in his words a party animal and despite what many m
schemes that landed him in trouble at 11:00. you can check out the stories details the schemes at you'll find the information on the home page. >>> disturbing video of a beating after a minor crash. the police are searching for the men here. this is the scene in baltimore national pike in woodlawn. the victim hit a parked car. >>> it's been a chillier than average day. no question about that. it's now clouding up. temperaturewise, it's colder. 41 in came bridge. that's chilly, too. we're bringing in the clouds. a little bit of winter weather breaking out of west virginia. on the radar, you can this is the closest lay outto the west. throughout the day tomorrow, we'll look for early sun, decent start to the weekend. tomorrow night and sunday, we'll show you, things will take a turn for the wintry. that's coming up. >>> well, if you have time to get a ticket to tonight's big, big, huge, large megamillions drawing, do it. tonight's the night to get your ticket. it's $312 million. some folks we spoke with have big plans if they pick the right numbers. >> i told them i would disa
. glow now abc 2 news at 11:00. >>> it's a story we have been following for months. concussions affecting young athletes. tonight one u.s. state takes drastic action to help take kids safe on the field, the ice, and the diamond. but, first, in a dye investors neighborhood, friends with charles village on the east and they back up against false road? the mayor is gonna visit tomorrow. but this was planned to talk about the walmart moving in. the mood for that meeting is gonna change after a young woman was found stabbed to death in her own home. cheryl. >> it most certainly will. >> reporter: a woman was stabbed multiple times in her home, the police are still searching for the person who killed her. people stand outside along huntington avenue stunned after hearing a woman was found dead inside her home. >> it's very frightening and i've gone to st. charles village for people who have been hurt over there and it's very, very tragic and i'm deeply concerned. >> she was stabbed multiple times. her body was found by her father around 4:30 tuesday afternoon. >> preliminarily, again this just
the newscast and on keep it here for the latest information. >>> take a look out the window. you're looking at a live picture of 895 south of 195. but the big question is, are we going to see more flurries like we saw last night? let's check in with wyatt everhart. wyatt. >> thanks, kelly. we were talking about the chance of a wintery mix, but the thing is, it's unseasonal. i mean here we are on the eve of april starting at midnight. talking about the chance for more snow to fly around here. it's all rain out there. it's chilly rain and enough to snarl and mess up traffic so that's going to be our scenario here. there's no sunshine and probably not going to see much sun around here until saturday. so another ugly start tomorrow. temperatures safely above freezing. all spots, including way out in hagerstown at 39. the rest of the evening will call for showers and there will be areas of fog. watch out for that. tough everyoning commute with slick roads. we'll talk about how things shape up for your morning commute straight ahead. kelly. >>> a stolen handgun landed one of the top p
presidential access to land millions in federal loans? abc7 news begins in 60 secondndndndndndndndndndndndndnd >>> live in downtown san francisco, it is a beautiful, clear night after a day of record-setting heat. but problems persist even with this warm, dry weather, rain-soaked hillsides are putting homes at risk throughout the bay area. good evening. abc7's leslie brinkly is live in san pablo where a hill is still sliding and desperate homeowners are pleading with the city to help. leslie? >> that's exactly right, dan. it is a race against the clock basically for these homeowners. will they get emergency funding from the state? or will their houses go tumbling down the hillside first? >> the only way our house can be saved is first on the hill. the hill has been compromised. >> leon walker and his family are living at a hotel after his house was yellow taged on this rain ravaged hillside above san pablo road. he joined five other homeowners including the city manager to figure out what is next. >> the repairs were estimated at about five million across the repair. that's beyond the capabili
-year-old in lansdowne you're asked to call crime stoppers. in baltimore county, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> tonight 51 yorkies and poodles will soon have a new home. we told you this story last night at 6:00, of neighbors complaining of animal hoarding. you heard the owner saying about the doggies getting out of hand. now it's in the hands of animal control and today they want to put the doggies in your hands. javon williams was there when the doors opened this morning. >> reporter: anne arundel county animal control officers entered this home in pasadena and found 51 dogs. today at the animal center the dogs were made available for adoption. >> we have 16 people in line now. we've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: many arrived at the shelter when the the doors opened at 9:30. thinking she was the early bird. >> there was 15 people ahead of us. >> reporter: the numbers increased from there. people coming to get a breed of dog. >> small dogs seem to fly out of here. >> don't get big. >> reporter: what's inside, applications to prove they were able to adopt. the ma
information, call crime solveers at 1-866- 411-tips. you can remain anonymous. linda so, abc2 news. >>> today the governor of wisconsin is expected to call for cutting education by about 900 million dollars. for two weeks, workers have been demonstrating at the state capitol in madison. they are with up set with the governor --er that upset with the -- they are upset with the governor's plan to deal with the budget shortfall. in particular, the part that rolls back collective bargaining rights. bill is on hold. fourteen democrats fled to illinois to prevent a needed vote. >> it's now time for them to come home. if they choose not to, let me be clear, this is not a threat, this is not a strategy, this is not a negotiate. the bottom line is if they do not come home, there are dire consequences. >> walker says a plan to refinance the state's debt is set to expire. he says the state stands to lose about 165 million dollars if legislators don't vote on the bill by the end of today. walker says losing that money would result in 1500 layoffs. >>> today's a big day on capitol hill. federal workers wa
colored car. deputies stepped up patrols in the area. those have already begun. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> the latest on a man accused of setting his mother on fire. baltimore county police have now filed charges in this bizarre case. abc2 news, jamie costello joins us with the very latest. jamie. >> police arrested and charged 23-year-old gordon jenkins with attempted murder. he is charged with arson, attempted murder, and assault. police were called near north point where they found the 47- year-old teresa hamel outside badly burned. her son entered the room and started choking her. she managed to get out of the house. hamel is in critical, but stable condition right now at hopkins bayview. no bail has been set. jamie costello, abc2 news. >>> thanks a lot, jamie. >>> a carol county woman is calling on police to file charges, claiming a bully assaulted her son on the school bus. abc2 news, jeff hager joins us now with more on the allegations being raised. jeff. >> west newman, it's what happened on the bus that finds his mother seeking justice now. a fourth grader on that bus
target. no suspects in mind at this point. abc-7 news. >> alan: the power is back on for more than 165,000 pg&e customers who lost power this afternoon in marin, sonoma and monterey counties. the outage started at 1:30 this afternoon. sky 7hd found this traffic signals out in fairfax. pg&e says they don't know what caused the outage but power is back on for everyone out there. >>> a man from san hoe sigh sai -- san jose died while snowboard in the sierra this weekend. his body was found this more. he disappeared yesterday. the sheriff doesn't know if he died from striking a tree or from being exposed to the cold weather. there's a live look at the lake tahoe area from a camera at the heavenly mountain resort. thousands of people hit the slopes to enjoy several inches of fresh snow that was dumped by the recent storms. >>> in capitola, they're digging themselves out after getting slammed by flood waters twice in three days. we have this report from capitola, where the city is declaring a state of emergency. >> reporter: as if two days of flooding wasn't bad enough, the cleanup is so ove
or something looks suspicious there are still a lot of newspapers in the driveway. john alston, abc news. >> i'm sure there is more to come on this. thank you. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a snowboarder from san jose died in the sierra. a search team found the body of philip walker covered in several inches of snow at the sierra atta hoe resort this morning. -- at tahoe resort this morning. he disappeared while snowboarding. it appears he may have collided with a tree while snowboarding. >>> a messy clean up is underway in cap paw toe law after two floods in three days saturated homes and businesses there. the city declared a local state of emergency today, and business owners say they are going to need all of the help they can get. here is abc7's cecilia vega. >> as if two dwais of flooding was not bad enough, the clean up is so overwhelming, many don't know where to begin. >> i do most of the work myself. it is going to take at least two or three weeks. i can't make a living doing that. >> the city council chambers were packed for an emergency meeting to declare a local disa
>> live and in hd this is abc 7 news on your side. >> thank you for joining us today. police in prince george's county are hunting for someone who gunned down a pizza delivery man. he was shot in the 6800 block of seat pleasant drive last night. it was a violent night. hours later, another man was murdered not far away. john gonzales is live with what we're learning about this. >> the victim who has not been identified by police today, was finishing up his work day yesterday. he arrived you're domino's pizza at noon and was on one of his final deliveries of the day at 8:30 p.m. 11 minutes of the call came in, he left the shop here and never returned. his manager tells us today he was only carrying $13. >> it was a. delivery only about two miles from the restaurant. but the delivery men who have worked here since 2008, it would be his last. gunned down in front of this seat pleasant apartment building. >> it is just horrible that repeats a person cannot do his job. >> residents heard multiple gunshots run a 30 p.m. last night. a resident found the working victim lying on the
they live. you can find that information at you can find ways to help victims of the quake and tsunami. go to the world news section of our website. >>> at 7 years old, attacked by pit bulls while in front of her home. a young girl is in critical condition and neighbors say they are not surprised by the weekend attack. sherrie johnson tells us what happened. >> reporter: charley, today we could learn if the owners of two pit bulls will be charged after a weekend attack on a 7- year-old girl. amanda mitchell was attacked on saturday. neighbors jumped in to help the child's mother get the dogs off amanda. they used sticks and shovels to fight off the dogs. amappeda was bleeding and had lacerations on both sides of -- amanda was bleeding and had laceration on both sides of her face. doctors say she will survive but it will be a long journey to recovery and will need several surgeries once the swelling goes down. >> she couldn't holler because the voice was ripped away i don't want her to see her face at this point in time. >> reporter: the child was listed in critical conditio
. the store opened in september and the owners are vowing to rebuild and reopen. >>> and stay with our special section on crisis in japan is full the latest news, pictures and videos. find that under the spotlight section on the home page. >>> today, the usns comfort is shipping out. it went to haiti last year to help after the earthquake and now it's headed south again. linda so joins us live at the canton pier with more on the mission. linda. >> reporter: good morning. well, 7:00 is the big time when they will be leaving. you can see the exterior of the ship is huge standing outside. that is hospital on water. but they are getting the last- minute touches ready. and joining us is the captain of the ship. can you tell us where yowl be headed and what you will be doing? >> good morning. it's a pleasure. i am leaving 71 civil servicemerchant marines to help with the merchant -- my mistake leaving on a trip down to haiti and south america, latin america and we will help with continuous promise 2011. >> reporter: i know a lot of people here are familiar with the ship because this
to the board of estimates later this morning at 9 at city hall. linda so, abc2 news. >>> it's 6:32. and news around the nation this morning, the parents of an aspiring teacher straikeled on staten island are suing facebook saying a emt posted a gruesome photo of the mrdered daughter on the site. she was found strangled in her apartment and the first responder snapped the picture with the cell phone. that suit wants facebook to turn over the picture, identify those who viewed it and down load it and destroy the images in its possession. emt was stripped of his cert fitcation and has -- certification and has to serve 200 hours of community service. >>> official say 19 patients contracted a lethal bacterial infection from ivs. nutritional supplements, nine patients died. workers prompted the investigation after noticing an unusual number of patients with a similar infection. the supplement is now discontinued and all hospitals have been ordered to stop using it. state official say patients are no longer at risk. >>> virginia tech is being -- facing thousands of dollars in fines from the governm
it was her bid to join the big winners that finally brought her down. in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> retailers make a nickel on every dollar they receive selling lottery tickets and 3% of any winnings. some of the most popular businesses sell as much as $100,000 worth of tickets a week. >>> all right lottery players and lovers let's go to our web site, abc2 news now. what do you think is the appropriate punishment for someone who steals winning lottery tickets from their rightful owners? have you ever wondered if it ever happened to you? i think in jeff hager's reports i think we learned, when the machine lights up, you know you're a winner. you can leave your comments on our facebook page now at >>> the man police believe is the so-called east coast rapist is now indicted on charges in virginia. a loudoun county grand jury indicted 3-9d-year-olds aaron thomas with charges pushable by life in prison. thomas is accused in 17 attacks over 14 years. at least one of the alleged attacks happened here in maryland. he was arrested in connecticut earlier this month. >>
type of gas power device be used in a small space like a home or garage. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> carbon monoxide is known as silent killer. it has no smell. some symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and chest pain. however, those symptoms are also for other medical conditions so you may not know you've been exposed until it's too late. your best defense, have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. they sell for about $20. >>> now to the latest on the so-called east coast rapist. aaron thomas pleaded not guilty today in connecticut. police arrested thomas earlier this month based on dna evidence. he's believed responsible for rapes and other attacks on 17 women over seven years. at least one of the alleged attacks happened in maryland. thomas told investigators he started committing the crimes in 1991, when he was 19 years old. >>> a carroll county man can be held criminally responsible for attacking his wife with a hammer last march. a judge ruled a mental condition may have played a role in anthony somogyi's attack on his wife but the evidence is not eno
she dies. >> abc 7 legal analyst says dugard's opinion will make a difference to a judge. >> the garridoes played the only card they had to play. the only thing they can offer the district attorney and victim in this case is so save them trauma of a trial. >> jaycee dugard and her children remain in seclusion. the family received a $20 million jeltment after the state was accused of failing to supervise phillip garrido, a paroled rapist. >> thank you. >> five people escaped a burning building this afternoon. smoke and flames poured from the second story apartment. the residents, including two small children i had it onto the roof. firefighters brought them down down one at a time. >> the guy next door trying to wake us up of. we were asleep. my daughter was up. i just found out she was trying to play with the stove. i didn't know the house was on fire until i opened the door. >> everyone got out okay. it took firefighters just five minutes to put out the fire. the red cross is hoping the family finds a place to stay, tonight. >> a fight is brewing between families of vict
. we kick things off with abc's emily schmidt live in washington with how white house officials are responding. >> reporter: the earthquake lasted second but the catastrophe continues to spread. there are tsunami warnings stretching across the a sick and waves are hitting hawaii right now. largest quake in japan's history shook a nation. and triggered tsunami waves that threatened the u.s. west coast. forcing evacuations in hawaii. >> it's time for a little aloha and a little you keep it simple and sensible and moving. >> reporter: cameras capture the moment the earthquake hit in japan. for lawmakers gathered for government, the newsroom shaken up by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. the quake set off huge fires including this oil refinery north of tokyo. workers evacuated high rises and filled the streets. millions are without power after the deadly quake. one woman said i thought i was going to die. it was enormous. then came the next wave of destruction, massive tsunami waves. helicopters showed one wave strong enough it made a river run backwards. sweeping communities away in se
attorney mark peterson aid abc7 his deputy d. a.'s will be impacted. >> they will be forced to take the vacation time and i will have to replace them with one or one and a half more attorneys that will cost me additional money. >> but they said the move is expected to save the struggling county nearly $1 million a year. besides short term savings they hope long-term cutting vacation buy back for managers will help them reign in skyrocketing costs. the way-outs could not be added to salaries used to compute pensions. >> we are taking action because of the immediate savings of this benefit, but it will also have additional savings on top of what we are achieving because of the pension cost savings. >> wally cats is with public employees local 1 which has 2,000 members in the county. >> there's a sense of equity, as i said before the board, folks have had these benefits for years that rank and file workers haven't had so from our point of view that hasn't been equitable. >> right now it applies only to nonunion managers. starting this summer supervisors hope to negotiate with individua
at 6:00 starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> tonight, investigators are trying to determine whether the deadly shooting outside frankfurt, germany was an act of terrorism. >> the shooter confesses to targeting members of the american military. one of the two soldiers killed was from virginia. >> the airman's family did not want to speak on camera. they are devastated. they say he always had a smile on his face and his brother was his best friend. they got the call every military family fears. when the news reached them, it was more shocking, because their loved one was not killed in a war zone. if he was gunned down outside of an airport in germany. >> he was one of those people everybody got along with. the teacher's love to have him in class. >> zachary cuddeback graduated from monroe high before joining the air force in 2009. authorities say the shooter confessed to targeting a busload of american troops outside of the airport on wednesday. he went to court today under heavy security. the ethnic albanians from kosovo who lives in ger
attention. andnth country -- montgomery county mystery. qaddafi's bold stand. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, is on your side. the interview, the outburst and the broken glass. ons is abc 7 news at 11:00, side >> we begin with a for formerearch capitol hill staffer. emily hershenson was last seen after leavinging her adams morgan home. now the effort to find her has over theickly internet. stephen tschida spoke with her husband. trails is where emily's goes cold. the howard university metro station. a good distance from her home. card was used about noon. she is not here. emily hershenson's home, filled friends and family and apprehensions. while dozens of people join in the mother, her husband clings to hope. >> is a horrific experience to endure this. this is totally uncharacteristic for her. unconceivable the us that herwould not come home to daughter. said his wife got up early monday to head up out to work. he said he talked with her 9:00 a.m. she never arrived. the disappearance of a former is capturingry the internet. while a facebook page rapidly cannes france. bus stops and shiit
, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:34 on this friday mourned 33 degrees. it is cold. >> and the official start to the cherry blossom festival this weekend and road closures you need to know about. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords moves forward on her road to recovery. coming up, steps that she has just taken and her plans to attend her husband's space shuttle launch. >> stay with us. blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >>> welcome back. a construction worker died after a trench collapsed in northeast d.c. emergency workers were on the scene at in the 1200 block of evarts street. they thought they could pull him to safety. now details. >> we knew he was in tough shape but there were signs of life initially. >> the trench collapsed with the course of a car going 50 miles an hour. the man had altered a support system and became buried beneath hundreds of pounds of heavy mud. >>
johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. >>> another effort to help people reach out to families and friends effective through march 31st, at&t wireless customers will not be charged for international long distance useage as well as text messaging from japan to the u.s. they are get -- verizon is getting on board through april 10th. you can go to for latest developments on the devastation from that quake and tsunami in japan. we have a special section that includes a photo slide show of eyewitness accounts and ways to help out. find it under spotlight section on the right-hand side of the home page. >>> 6:32. an oklahoma man survived after driving his car off a 20-foot cliff. police say he drove his car up the cliff to get a better view. he went over the edge and miscalculated how far he was. the car fell 25 feet down and into a ditch. the man got out of the car but he was strapped to a have etcher because they had to -- strapped to a stretcher because they had to pull him up. he complained of next and -- neck and back plane pain. >>> a -- a union protest spilled into the buildi
the earthquake and tsunami hit. 6500 are confirmed dead. more than 10,000 are still missing. on as you scroll down in the spotlight section you will see a section dedicated the earthquake and the tsunami and how you can help. everything is this in the special session on -- section on linda so, abc2 news. >>> a south florida inventor is donating high tech gear to protect emergency workers and rescue teams against nuclear radiation in japan. more than 200 safety suits have been sent. the unique full body safety suits which are in high demand because of the special material called department emron that protects against radiation, extreme heat and biological and chemical agents. the company radiation shield technologies is working full- time around the clock to manufacture all the orders coming in from japan's -- from jap and companies. >>> for the -- japan companies. >>> for the first time, we are able to hear the quake. take a listen. you can hear the rumblings. that was captured by underwater microphones. >>> the university of chicago has been known for its nobl
action at the nation's airports. abc7's janelle wang joins us with what is happening. >> u.s. customs and border protection is now testing some passengers and cargo at some airports around the country. they won't say which airport specifically, but we are hearing reports of los angeles, seattle, dallas and new york. the department of homeland security says so far all tests for radiation are negative. >> in an exercise of caution and just to make sure that everyone remains safe, we are doing screening of passengers and/or cargo if there happens to be even a blip in terms of radiation. we have seen no radiation by the way, even on coming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> reporter: right now a forecast by the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization shows how the radiation plume from the failing nuclear reactor in japan is drifting across the pacific, over the islands today and then arriving in southern california tomorrow. but experts believe it will also be detected in sacramento. folks arriving from japan and into sfo this morning say they
by the series of natural disasters. and abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with the information you need. sherrie. >> reporter: here at wegmans in hunt valley, they are trying to do their part to help the victims of the earthquake in japan. now at 6:00 this morning, you know customers will be able to donate any amount of money once they shop here. what they do is once they get to the cash register they can designate a certain amount of money for that earthquake victims. now, 100% of the donations will go to the american red cross disaster relief fund for japan earthquake and pacific tsunami. all 77 wegmans stores will accept donations. the family charitable foundation has announced a $100,000 donation to help earthquake victims in japan. this, again, this all starts today at 6:00 this morning and it runs until april 2nd. reporting live in hunt valley, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> and another effort to help people in japan effective through march 31st, at&t wireless will not be charged for international long distance calls from the u.s. and puerto rico to japan as well as text message to japan f
where the family used a propane heater. we'll have more at 11:00. jamie costello abc2 news. >>> thanks, jamie. remember to stay with abc2 news and for the very latest developments on this story. you can sign up for breaking news alerts by clicking on the e-mail alerts on our home page. >>> get ready lots of rain is headed our way. the possibility of some flooding in areas. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart who has the first forecast. >> kelly, we've been watching this slow moving storm system as it's crossed the united states arriving into the western part of the state. let's take a look first at our current flood watches and advisories upstate wide. this is going to be a long lived watch and advisory that's going to be in effect throughout the night and into the day tomorrow. where you see those lighter, if you look closely they are sort of lighter i guess the best way to determine slightly different shade of green here along the chesapeake bay. these are also areas that have not just the flood watch for the rain tonight and tomorrow but also a coastal fl
and not related. live in northwest, jay korff, abc7 news. >>> we're monitoring developments from libya. fighting continues outside the capital of tripoli. world leaders are discussing new tactics about the violence in the market off epoxying -- and gaddafi's reign. >> were learning more about the conversation between president obama and others. they're talking about a potential no-fly zone. both agreed that gaddafi's end must come as quickly as possible. another day of deadly violence and fighting back by rebels. the battleground? the oil-producing parts of libya adding essential -- additional concern. >> a we have prepared any number of options. an option has been removed. >> including the no-fly zone. complex but possible. >> mission launching ships are available should the president use them to attack military aircraft, bases, anti-aircraft. >> this cabdriver is watching gas prices and wants help. >> profit is being taken away with us with -- from us with this. >> this is a total overreaction of. >> one is a deal by rebels giving gaddafi immunity. >> they are encouraging his departure. >> the
. the forecast when the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> gray's anatomy the music event tomorrow night but tonight we have a sneak peek and will hear from the star preformer. first, spring, why is it snowing? >> not everybody but it's wintery in certain parts of the area. wyatt is out in the elements. >> reporter: it's not looking good. it's not looking good . none of this stuff is sticking but i had to put the hoody up. let me show you why. this is really immixes of sleet and just the last five minutes pretty big flakes. i would have to call it a mix of rain and ice right now. temperatures still warm for this stuff to stick. let's show you a quick look at radar and you can see bottom line we have a lot of action and activity on the radar but we are detecting more of a winter mix in places like carol county and toward frederick. zoom in temperatures playing a key role in this extremely late march winter event that will go on for another 36 hours. temperatures, 34 frederick, 41 in the city. that's critical because that is creating more of a winter scene from carroll coun
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